Perceptual Informatics Meets With Azure Maps Team at Microsoft's Headquarters.

Asheville, NC (October 18, 2019) - During Microsoft's AI for Good Summit, an exclusive event for AI grant recipients, Perceptual Informatics (PI) had the opportunity to meet directly with the Azure Maps team. Igor Vodov, Principal Program Manager of Azure Maps and ShiSh Shridhar, Principal Program Manager of Geospatial and IoT were pleased to interact with PI's geospatial, agricultural risk models within Azure Maps.

PI's agricultural risk platform, currently in beta, demonstrates the volatility and risk associated with crops at a micro-market level across the United States. The platform analyzes decades worth of climate models, harvest, and economic data, and also leverages sophisticated artificial intelligence to forecast future geographical risks and opportunities to maximize value.

Azure Maps, a new Microsoft Geospatial product that was launched in 2018, provides PI the ability to visualize location-aware solutions with IoT devices, generate rich data visualizations, and leverage a suite of geospatial operations and analytics.

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