Smart City Expo World Congress

Partnering with Microsoft's Azure Maps team, Perceptual Informatics demoed an interactive map for the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The interactive map includes layers such as a 'Greenspace Buffer' (Volume Scattering Radar), 'Standing Water' (Surface Scattering Radar), Ozone & Particle Pollution, local munipality data, and demographics. Contact us to learn more about our custom municipality services, visualizing GIS data, and integrating AI to uncover hidden insights.

Predicting Agricultural Risk and Opportunities

Perceptual Informatics was awarded an AI for Earth grant by Microsoft to use artificial intelligence to predict agricultural risk and opportunities with regard to climate change. We've successfully deployed and presented our AI models that predicts agricultural risk at a micro market legel and demoed our risk-volatility viewer at the 2019 AI for Earth Summit, which visually displays risk associated with major crops throughout the entire United States. Interested in better understanding climate and agriculture? Interact with our sample, historical crop-harvest and climate viewer.