PI Forecast

PI Forecast is our premium consultative solution that enables customers to translate climate risk into financial intelligence.

We have expertise leveraging climate data (200-years worth of historical and forecasted climate models developed from the Earth System Grid Federation & IPCC Reporting), crop harvest & operational risk (USDA Economic Research Service covering 170+ crop types), satellite imagery, supply chain, and identifying actionable opportunities to mitigate risk and make intelligent investments.

Importantly, we don't only leverage AI to model and forecast, we visualize our data into interactive tools including Microsoft's latest GIS platform, Azure Maps. Read about us on Microsoft.com.

Agriculture Economics

Financial Risks & Opportunities

Key Indicators

High Resolution Satellite Imagery

Forecasted Data Layers

Azure Maps Development

AI/Neural Networks

Machine Learning

Custom Interactive Maps

PI Vision

PI Vision allows customers to generate geospatial analytics via satellite imagery.

Leveraging the latest technology by Microsoft, we develop custom models based on your needs, then deliver an autonomous system that can identify every matched object throughout large image collections, including terabytes of satellite imagery.

Clemson University has selected Perceptual Informatics as their partner to develop an AI-powered object-detection system to Fight Forest Fragmentation.

Crop Yield Management


Sources of Water

Instant Object Detection


High & Low Resolution Imagery


API Development

Machine Learning

PI Detect

Our internally developed, proprietary system for detecting changes to landscapes. Our models can analyze significant volumes of data for minor disturbances and even natural disasters.

Additionally, PI Detect leverages 20-years worth of satellite imagery and allows customers to perform aggregated analysis to identify key risk areas with adjustable thresholds of sensitivity and variability.

Disaster Recovery

Identify Flood Zones

Key Risks

High & Low Resolution Imagery

20-years of Satellite Data

Visible & Non-Visible Bands

Decades of Imagery Analyzed in Seconds

Configurable & Integratable

Proven Results

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Advanced Informatics

Are you looking for metrics or intelligence?

We craft systems that are capable of analyzing terabytes worth of data to provide you with actionable intelligence.

We're an eclictic team with expertise in science, engineering, and finance. Learn how we can transform your business or project through intelligent informatics.

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